Forever35 meets The Book Review,

with a splash of The Cut’s “How I Get it Done”

JUST ANNOUNCED: Publishing Mavens Kate Hutchison and Lauren Passell Launch 


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NEW YORK, New York, July 24, 2019 —Kate Hutchison and Lauren Passell announced today that they are joining forces to produce THE SHELF-CARE PODCAST, a talk show that features conversations with ambitious women about how they rest and recharge. Think Forever35 meets The Book Review, with a splash of The Cut’s “How I Get it Done.” Each episode will feature book and product recommendations that will be available for sale at

THE SHELF-CARE PODCAST intends to show a side of authors and bookish influencers that we usually don’t hear about—how they care for themselves. What products do they obsess over? What TV shows are they bingeing? And of course, what books can they not put down? Beyond the show, THE SHELF-CARE PODCAST will exist as a shoppable website with extensive footnotes and a newsletter with exclusive content, musings from the guests, and additional book and product recommendations.

Kate Hutchison and Lauren Passell have extensive backgrounds in publishing. Kate has worked at WME, Amazon, and Hachette (to name a few). Her work experience is in business development, strategic partnerships, and events. Lauren has almost a decade of experience in digital marketing, having worked at both Barnes & Noble and Little, Brown. She was most recently Social Media Strategist of WaitWhat, the producer of the Masters of Scale and Should This Exist? Podcasts. The genesis of THE SHELF-CARE PODCAST came when Kate and Lauren noticed a gap between shows that cater to women obsessed with nighttime beauty rituals and women who are eager for book recommendations. THE SHELF-CARE PODCAST will satisfy both audiences. 

THE SHELF-CARE PODCAST will be released the first and third Wednesday of every month. Subscribe wherever you listen to your podcasts. Follow THE SHELF-CARE PODCAST on Instagram @theshelfcarepodcast, Twitter @shelfcare, Facebook @theshelfcarepodcast, and LinkedIn