Kate Hutchison, Co-Creator and CEO

Hello! I’m Kate. I moved to NYC almost a decade ago after seeing You’ve Got Mail way too many times. I’m a bit obsessed with the publishing industry, which has led me down a pretty varied career path. I’ve worked at literary agencies (Trident Media Group and WME), a bookstore (Rizzoli), a publisher (Hachette), and even Amazon—to name a few. Now, I’m finally checking the “self-employed” box on my millennial score card and working as a Biz Dev, Strategy, and Partnership Consultant (the CAPs make it official). I’m also a #bookstagram enthusiast and avid traveler (@bookishkatenyc for proof). But above all, I’m a reader and I can’t wait to use this podcast as a chance to discover great new books and authors, and help other women do the same.

Lauren Passell, Co-Creator and CMO

Hi, I’m Lauren! I moved to New York City in 2007 for an internship at Parenting magazine, and spent years in digital media, running the social media strategies for Barnes & Noble and Little, Brown. (I connected with Kate at Little, Brown!) Because I love podcasts, (I have a podcast called PodcastPodcast, about podcasts, and a newsletter called Podcast The Newsletter) I jumped to a startup that produced the Masters of Scale and Should This Exist? podcasts, where I really learned how to produce and market shows. I recently founded Tink Media, a publicity agency that gets authors on podcasts, and I still consult with writers on their digital presences. I am book and podcast obsessed. Put the two together and I am smitten!